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In 2007, Mr. Richard Tankersley the Founder & Director of AOEI embarked on an idea to make Kuala Lumpur the capital of Adventure in Asia.  Having been in Malaysia for 35years, Richard got a few resourceful personnel together to venture into our AOEI project, having already established different companies in various sectors.  AOEI is one of those close to his heart.

AOEI trading under Action Sports Sdn Bhd is a daughter company of New Zealand Unlimited group of companies.  Having been in the F&B Industry, Construction, Manufacturing Industry and many others, AOEI draws its strengths from experiences in training through tried and tested method used its own companies.  Today, AOEI is proud to be at the frontier of education empowering Asia through outdoor education.

*‘INSTITUTE’ – ‘Institute’ here does not demote a building or an education centre in the traditional sense.  It however, refers to the natural environment as an ideal venue for learning and transferring of knowledge.  Hence, our theme `nature is our teacher’

Empowering Asia Through Outdoor Adventure
Nature is our Teacher
The mission of the AOEI is to provide an extraordinary outdoor adventure experience
To be the provider of adventure experiences that are:
A) Value for money
B) Meeting the Needs of Clients
C) Sensitivity to the Environment
Ethical Company that only offers services that match the needs of our clients

AOEI is a strategic partner of NZOIA (New Zealand Outdoor Instructor’s Association), New Zealand and OPC (Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuant Centre), New Zealand.  Through our partnership, AOEI seeks to emulate the success of both institutions by introducing high safety standard and quality of delivery in all its programs.  Further, the partnership with both organisations will strengthen AOEI’s position as the centre of outdoor education in Asia by having a close connection with the capital of adventure tourism in the world – New Zealand.